Bar & Restaurant - Pivnica Dubrava

Unique ambience, complete experience of the traditional cooking, meals prepared under "the iron bell" and from the grill.

Pivnica Dubrava is well known by traditional way of preparing dishes, authentic ambience and the best gill in the town. There are two terraces, the larger one can accommodate up to 60 persons, smaller one up to 30. Inside we can seat 60 – 90 persons. Beautiful ambience is dominated by rustic furniture with lot of old traditional home details.

We invite you to try dishes from the grill and to enjoy homemade food and quality Croatian wine in a authentic ambience of Pivnica Dubrava.

Pivnica Dubrava | Mali Stradun, Babin Kuk - Dubrovnik | Tel: +385 20 448 - 354 | Radno Vrijeme: 12 - 24 h